Community Closet

About Our Community Closet

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Palatine Assisting Through Hope (PATH) and the Northwest Suburban Council (NWSC) of PTA/PTSA are partnering with District 15 to provide all D15 students and their families with opportunities to be properly clothed no matter the season through our Community Closet.

The Community Closet is now located at the Community Resource Center at 1585 N. Rand Road, Palatine across the street from the McDonalds. It is open at least one evening and one weekday morning each week and one Saturday a month. Families in need can sign up through any social worker or school official at any of the D15 schools. They have access to our calendar.

The Community Closet has clothing sizes from infant to adult. For a nominal donation, families are allowed to come to the closet twice a school year, receive new socks and underwear for all the kids in their family and pick out one Winter coat for each member of the family. The closet is fully stocked with gently used pants, tops, coats, sweatshirts, shoes, boots, etc.

Donations and Volunteers Needed!

Donations to the Community Closet can be dropped off in yellow donation bins located in the main entrance inside all D15 schools. Receipt forms are available at each donation location. In addition to gently used clothes, donations of new socks and underwear are always graciously accepted. Your school could do a drive for new socks and underwear!!

This is a 100% Volunteer organization and we can’t manage this monumental task without the help of our schools! We ask that each school provide at least 3-4 adult volunteers per year. This can be done at the volunteers schedule. Children in junior high and up are allowed to volunteer as well. Please sign up using SignUp link:

Sign Up Link to Volunteer at Community Closet

Groups can also sign up one time or once a month! Contact our email and we can work with your group. Our goal is to have the closet open more often but we can not do that without volunteers like you!

For questions, contact our email at