March 21: District 15 Board of Education Candidates’ Forum

Northwest Suburban Council PTA/PTSA
present a District 15 Board of Education Candidates’ Forum

Tuesday March 21, 2017 • 7:00pm-8:30pm
Walter R. Sundling Junior High School, 1100 N. Smith Street, Palatine

Candidates will have a two-minute opening statement followed by a Question & Answer session. Written questions will be submitted by the audience. Candidates will also have a one-minute closing statement at the end of the forum. Mikel Eppenbaugh, Illinois PTA District 37 Region Director, will serve as moderator.

The following candidates are seeking election:

Barbara A Kain (2 year term)
David Border (2 year term)
Lisa Beth Szczupaj (4 year term)
Anthony Wang (4 year term)
Frank J. Annerino (4 year term)
Michael Smolka (4 year term)
Margaret (Peggy) Babcock (4 year term)
Gerald D. Chapman (4 year term)
James G. Ekeberg (4 year term)
Adam Bauske (4 year term)
Asad ‘Sid’ Aman (4 year term)


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