Summer Training Schedule

We have the official NW Cook training Schedule for June. I wanted to send an electronic copy to everyone so you can send it out to your elected Exec. Committee and your Appointed Committee Chairman. Remember that anyone can attend any of these workshops – even if they are not in a specific position.

Reminder that all elected board members are required to attend Road to Success within 6 months of their election and Committee chairman are encouraged to take it as well. Presidents are required to take the President Course and Money Matters 101, Treasurers required to take Money Matters 101 and encouraged to take 201. We hosted the Council course at a President’s meeting so many of you have already done that one:)

I am excited to be teaching the membership class again and encourage your membership chairs to join me. We share a lot of great ideas, resources, and strategies.

Joan Scovic will be presenting the Reflections workshop that is a great resource to reflections chairmen.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these training. NW Cook is proud to be able to offer these courses to help provide the tools of understanding about the PTA and resources for our local units.

Download/Share: Summer 2016 Training Flyer

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