Time to Register Your Local Unit for 2016-2017

Each Local unit needs to register their local unit and leaders with IL PTA by May 15, 2016. Registration is being done ONLY online at illinoispta.org – clicking on Leadership Resources link.
(if you prefer to get a paper form, contact Iinois PTA, P.O. Box 907, Springfield, IL 62705-0907 | 1-800-877-9617 | Fax: 217-528-9490 | info@illinoispta.org)

IL PTA asks that you supply name of your local unit, various specifics to your local unit: principal contact, elected officers name, phone, address, e-mail, membership, newsletter, cultural arts, legislation, and and other officers you want to submit.

If you do not have all your offices elected or have vacancies- that is fine. Send IL PTA the information that you have and you can always update it in fall or at a later date.

Registration is REQUIRED in order for your local unit to receive your IL PTA Local Unit Packet and Membership Cards this August prior to the start of school.

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