April 7: NWSC Presidents’ Meeting

We will have our last NWSC President/Board meeting this Thursday, April 7 at 7pm at Lincoln Elementary School. I know this is a very busy time of year but I ask that you make arrangements to attend this meeting. If you have a President elect- or Co-President, please ask them to join us. I would love to see everyone and it is important for all to hear the various reports from Dr. Thompson, Principal Kneoppel, & our PTA reports that we need you to share with your board, membership, and families.

We will have reports on : SPARK workshops, membership dues increase retraction (come to hear more), Spring Fling banquet, workshop/roundtables after Spring Fling, Clothing Closet, Nominating Committee, etc.

BRING INFORMATION TO SHARE: about fundraisers. In order for everyone to benefit, we ask that you come prepared with ideas, information, and/or contact information. Please consider typing up a list of fundraiser ideas that have been successful at your school or from other community groups you may be involved. OR BRING 25 COPIES THAT CAN BE DISTRIBUTED TO ALL.


  • type of fundraiser
  • company name/contact person
  • percentage profit?
  • online selling options?
  • Is your fundraiser: product based or activity fundraiser based or pay to participate in event?

Bring information to share- perhaps you will get new ideas that you can look into for next year.

In order to hear all our reports, have questions answered, and have time to share ideas, our meeting may last longer than usual but you will come away with important information and resources for your local units.

Please let me know if you have any questions or have a topic you want covered at our meeting. We are here as a resource to you.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Lincoln on Thursday night at 7pm.

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