November 7: PTA 101: Road to Success Workshop

I have been working to bring a PTA 101: Your Road to Success workshop to our District and Council. I have secured a trainer and location for the event: Saturday, November 7th from 9am-11:30 at the Palatine Public Library- ROOM #2

I am attaching a flier that I would like you to pass along to your entire board. All board members are required to take this course within the first 6 months of their election/appointment or as soon as possible. If a volunteer took the course longer than 4 years ago they should probably go for a re-fresher class as things have changed. The course includes a primer on organizational structure, bylaws, officer duties, and a touch of parliamentary procedure.

Please have your board members check their calendars and RSVP to me by November 2nd. This flier is two sided with the back side sharing bullet points on course content.

Let me know If you have any questions. Thanks for your help in promoting PTA training and for spreading the word about this training opportunity.

PTA 101- Your Road to Success class flier November 7 2015

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