Fall Deadlines

As September ends, I wanted to send out a quick reminder of those items that are due October 1st:

October 1

Due to IL PTA:

  • First membership dues payment is due to IL PTA- president must sign form

Due to NWSC:

  • Approved Audit- signed by committee (electronic version)
  • Approved Budget (electronic version)

October 2

RSVP list and Payment for NWCook Region Dinner October 19
($25 each- paid by local units- invite principal/assistant principal and president/co/elect)
Send to:
Julie Birenbaum
442 S Reuter Dr.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

November 1

  • Local unit member directory- if applicable (paper or electronic link)
  • Proof of Insurance
  • NWSC $150 Dues payment (covers costs of NWSC Guest Speakers/Workshops, Roundtable Discussion events, Reflections, Clothing closet, Spring Fling, Membership support, Administrative costs, PTA expenses, etc.)

Past Due

September 1st due date:

  • Local unit board list (elected and committee chairmen) sent in Excel spreadsheet
  • Plan of work with goals
  • Local Unit calendar (paper, electronic, or link)

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