September 28: General Membership Meeting

Tonight is the NWSC General Membership Meeting at Sundling Junior High School. Doors will open at 6:25 pm for parents to sign in with the Meeting beginning at 6:45 in the School Auditorium

Meeting agenda: download the September 28, 2015 agenda

Meeting Reminders:

  • Each local unit is required to send 4 PTA member delegates from your local unit to attend our General membership meetings. (You are not limited to only 4- encourage more families to see what we are about and learn from our informative speaker)
  • All local unit presidents are considered members of NWSC board so you do not count as a delegate for your school. (your local unit board, P members, & administration however do count as delegates)
  • Parents with kids in multiple schools can only sign in to represent one school.
  • SPARK Parents can sign in as both SPARK Member and delegate (only if they are a PTA Member)

New sign in procedure:
In the past we have had sign in sheets right outside the auditorium doors which was very hectic to get everyone signed in and into the meeting by 6:45pm for a prompt start to our meeting. We will have a new sign in procedure we are trying out this meeting. Each school will have their own labeled sign in sheet taped to the wall with a marker on a string near it. We ask all those that attend to sign their name, e-mail and check off what group they are representing; PTA member delegate, NWSC, or Spark Member. We ask that you let your parents know we need them to sign in for our records. We will have NWSC volunteers at the front entrance to welcome and direct parents to the sign in sheets and auditorium.

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