August 4: PTA Region Packet Orientation

The NW Cook Region Local Unit Packet Orientation, Meeting and Workshops event will take place on August 4th beginning at 6:30 pm at Eisenhower Junior High School, 800 W. Hassell Road Hoffman Estates, IL 60169.

Each local unit is required to send at least one representative to attend this Orientation in order to recieve your local unit packet, important information, and to count out and take your local unit’s Membership Cards. If you as president are not available to attend, please plan to send another representative from your local unit. Please forward this information and invitation to your entire board and encourage them to join us- elected officers, committee chairman and volunteers – the more the merrier. (This is a great time to invite potential future officers or committee members to attend and learn more about the PTA and what each position entails. This can be a great way to grow your leadership, network with others and get new ideas and inspiration from others!).

RSVP by August 1st to Mikel Eppenbaugh at

We ask that you compile a list of who will be attending from your local unit and return the RSVP list to our Region Director: Mikel Eppenbaugh. This list will help us prepare so we have enough resources and workshop handouts that night. We can take in walk-ins that evening, but we cannot guarantee that there will be adequate materials on hand. (We could send them information later electronically if needed).

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