August 10: NW Cook Region Honor Award Applications Due

At our Changeover meeting, I urged each local unit to apply for our Region Honor Award Application. The application is now ready! These awards will be given out at the Region Annual Banquet at the Cotillion on October 19th. Your local units and volunteers do so many great things and it would be great to see them recognized for all your efforts! This application is to be filled out and submitted by your local unit President from last year 2014-15. If you were not the President last year, would you please forward this on to them and ask them to fill this out for your local unit?

Download: Honor Award Application

Please also look at some additional information that might offer some clarification of terms and requirements when filling out the award application. One additional clarification would be examples of Advocacy programs: teaching parents how to become more involved or what to ask at Parent Teacher Conferences, advocating for our kids on a school level, anti-bullying programs or workshops, juvenile justice programs, safety programs: internet, social media, bike, etc OR by helping to provide information about legislation the PTA is working towards- how parents can contact their elected officials to ask their support- provide legislation updates on PTA websites, newsletters, etc

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