2014-2015 Shining Star Award Application

At a past meeting, I had discussed bringing back an Award system for NWSC- the Shining Star Award and had a few copies for people to look at. I have been revamping it is ready to go. I am attaching this Award Application and I am asking that each of you take a few minutes to look through this. It is just a simple checklist and easy to do. You will find that this Award Application aligns itself with the deadlines that I have shared with you (many that you have already completed:) ) and with the purposes and mission of the PTA. Please take some time to look at it. You can even start filling it out now with things you have already completed!

I hope that each local unit will take the time to complete and return this Award Application to me by April 13, 2015. District 15 PTAs has so many great volunteers and programs. I would LOVE to be able to recognize each and every local unit with one of the three levels of Shining Star Awards at our Spring Fling Banquet this May.

Award Application: http://bit.ly/1srxOAO

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